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The Customer

I was connected to Holey Toledough owner, Chris Ritter, through a former co-worker. I was informed that he was interested in moving from their old site to a newer site with a cleaner design and the ability to place online orders. So I reached out to Chris and we talked the direction he wants to take with his website, and what he needs his website to do.

The Tools

Since Chris wanted to sell online, I though it would be best to use a shopping cart web site. I did some research into the best shopping cart solution to use for Chris, and we ended up going with Big Cartel. The features that Big Cartel provided along with the cost was a good fit for what Chris’s needs. They also had a pretty good CMS for managing the sites design, it’s not as easy to use as I would have liked, but it was pretty straight forward. I was familiar with their template system is very similar (and may actually be) Twig or Django, so I had a pretty easy time modifying the theme.

Chris also had to do a bit of work on his end, I showed him how to edit his pages and swap some images out, so that he could do some light management on his website. The menu changes week to week so, I did show him how to update the “This Week’s Menu” page so that he can keep his menu up to date for the weekly pre-orders. He also had to setup the payment gateway so that he could paid. Big Cartel didn’t offer a log of payment processors, but that was fine for his needs.

Holey Toledough Website - Old Design’s Old Site Design

Holey Toledough Website - New Design’s New Site Design

The Content

This was actually the easiest and most fun part of this project. I offered up my photography services to help showcase his delicious products in the best way possible. He has a very visual product and I thought great photographs were very important to have on his website.

Jeff Brutsche | Holey Toledough
Jeff Brutsche | Holey Toledough
Jeff Brutsche | Holey Toledough
Jeff Brutsche | Holey Toledough
Jeff Brutsche | Holey Toledough

Photos that I took for Holey Toledough

Really the only text that went on the website was for the about page. I am not a copy writer and usually leave it up to my clients to produce the content for their websites. I can give feedback, but I am not one to write up about my client or their services. So I actually asked my co-worker’s wife, Moly Pope, to do a write up for his about page, and he loved it.

Final Product

Chris was very happy with the final product. Since it has launch he has had a steady flow of orders into his site, and he has to do minimal upkeep to the site. It has automated the pre-order process that used to have to handle himself in the form of emails or phone calls. Check out for some amazing doughnuts.

Information About Holey Toledough

Site Owner
Chris Ritter
E-Commerce/Business Website
Launch Date
Tuesday 17 May, 2016