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Holey Toledough changed up their business model, and Chris Ritter, the owner Holey Toledough, was in need of a new website to reflect this. Holey Toledough went from being a business that delivered donuts to retailers for resale, to a food truck. They had a new set of needs or their website.

The Customer

Holey Toledough’s old website primarily featured a few large images of doughnuts, the retail locations that you could pick them up at, and an order form to place pre-orders.

Chris now needed a website that clearly conveyed to all visitors that he is a food truck. His other concern was to have a list of locations, with dates, times, and addresses of where you can find his food truck.

The Tools

The site is now a WordPress site with a customized theme. I am also using a custom post type with custom fields to store his location information. I am using my favorite combination of ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ and ‘Custom Post Types UI’ to easily accomplish this. I also have some custom code in the template to only show locations for the current day and future days. No past locations will show up on the website. Finally I also have an interactive Javascript based calendar that I populate with a JSON feed of the locations custom post type.

Holey Toledough Website - New Design’s Old Site Design’s New Site Design

The Content

The content is very similar as the old site. There is an ‘About’ page that has a write up about the business, again written by Moly Pope. There is a media page that links to articles about the business. I did write a new blurb used as the hero text on the homepage to make it clear that Holey Toledough is now operating as a food truck.

Jeff Brutsche | Holey Toledough
Jeff Brutsche | Holey Toledough
Jeff Brutsche | Holey Toledough

Photos that I took for Holey Toledough

Final Product

Chris gave me some direction in the overall design of the website, but ultimately let me design it. This time I still used more photos in the site design and less white space. But the site still have an overall clean design.

Check out for their locations and dates.

Information About Holey Toledough

Site Owner
Chris Ritter
E-Commerce/Business Website
Launch Date
Tuesday 22 August, 2017