Jeff Brutsche


Hale Performance Coatings is a metal plating shop out of Toledo Ohio. They wanted a design that showcases their facility and the processes that they offer for metal coating and plating.
Holey Toledough changed up their business model, and Chris Ritter, the owner Holey Toledough, was in need of a new website to reflect this. Holey Toledough went from being a business that delivered donuts to retailers for resale, to a food truck. They Had a new set of needs or their website.
Crissy George, the owner and master stylist of Brodava Salon, contacted me early January saying that she has a need for a new website as well as new staff portraits. I worked with her, and in less than a month we had her new website launched with all new staff photos.
Chris Ritter, the owner and sole operator of Holey Toledough, was in need of a new website that had a new cleaner look and that was able to facilitate online ordering. See what I created for him and and for a little bit of information about how I created his new website.
More Websites Coming Very Soon!